Excel with ChatGPT

Hello, I have a problem.

I am trying to put ExcelGPT in Excel.

I have this code from this : GitHub - LG-Experiment/Scripts

I have this error when I use the script : Line 46: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘0’)

Why ? any help please ?

async function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook) {

  // Set the OpenAI API key - You'll need to add this in the Excel file or replace this part with your key
  const apiKey = workbook.getWorksheet("API").getRange("B1").getValue();
  const endpoint: string = "https://api.openai.com/v1/completions";

  // get worksheet info
  const sheet = workbook.getWorksheet("Prompt");
  // the ask
  const mytext = sheet.getRange("B2").getValue();

  // useful if if we get more than one row back
  const result = workbook.getWorksheet("Result");
  sheet.getRange("B3").setValue(" ")

  // Set the model engine and prompt
  const model: string = "text-davinci-002";
  const prompt: (string | boolean | number) = mytext;

  // Set the HTTP headers
  const headers: Headers = new Headers();
  headers.append("Content-Type", "application/json");
  headers.append("Authorization", `Bearer ${apiKey}`);

  // Set the HTTP body
  const body: (string | boolean | number) = JSON.stringify({
    model: model,
    prompt: prompt,
    max_tokens: 1024,
    n: 1,
    temperature: 0.5,

  // Send the HTTP request
  const response: Response = await fetch(endpoint, {
    method: "POST",
    headers: headers,
    body: body,

  // Parse the response as JSON
  const json: { choices: { text: (string | boolean | number) }[] } = await response.json();

  // Get the answer - i.e. output
  const text: (string | boolean | number) = json.choices[0].text;

  // Output the generated text
  // console.log(text);

  const output = sheet.getRange("B4");


  const cell = sheet.getRange("B4");

  // Split the cell contents by new line

  const arr = cell.getValue().toString().split("\n");

  const newcell = result.getRange("A1");

  var offset = 0;
  // console.log (arr)

  for (let i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {
    // Write the value to the next cell

    if (arr[i].length > 0) {
      newcell.getOffsetRange(offset, 0).setValue(arr[i]);


  // console.log(offset)
  if (offset > 1) {
    sheet.getRange("B3").setValue("Check 'Result' sheet to get answers separated by multiple rows")


Is it this line right here causing the problem? There are no line numbers when you post on this forum, so I don’t know which line is 46. But it sorta looks like json.choices is referencing an object, not an array.

Hello Yes it is the line. The code seems good, but I think it is a problem with chatgpt or with my office 365 version…
On the youtube video, I am not the only one to get this error with the code.

Did anybody find a fix?

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