Exception in label defining

Firstly, with the same code it showed me only one exception of not closing tag of label element but when i started again from scratch with very same manner now its showing me six exception out of seven.
i’m confused and due to over thinking quite exhausted
and unable to progress … please help me out with it.

!–My code so far -->

  <p>Click here to view more <a href="#">cat photos</a>.</p>
  <a href="#"><img src="https://bit.ly/fcc-relaxing-cat" alt="A cute orange cat lying on its back."></a>
  <p>Things cats love:</p>
    <li>cat nip</li>
    <li>laser pointers</li>
  <p>Top 3 things cats hate:</p>
    <li>flea treatment</li>
    <li>other cats</li>
  <form action="/submit-cat-photo">
<lable for= "indoor-outdoor">
    <input id="indoor-outdoor" type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor"> indoor-outdoor

  <lable for ="indoor"> 
  <input id= "indoor" type="radio"
  name="indoor-outdoor"> Indoor
  <lable for="outdoor"> 
  <input id="outdoor" type="radio"
  name="indoor-outdoor"> Outdoor
 <input type="text" placeholder="cat photo URL" required>
    <button type="submit">Submit</button>

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Hello Suraj,
Read the instructions carefully.
It says two radio elements and you have only one.
Hope it helps.

I am having indoor and outdoor two elements inherited from indoor-outdoor
… your time means alot thanks

Can you elaborate this

I meant is there any syntax error or i am not getting the logic out of it?
What are the elements of radio??
my task was to assign three radio buttons by attribute name indoor-outdoor and as pe knowledge i did this and now its showing me exception?

So let me tell you about radio button:
Radio buttons are a type of input and you can make user select one option from multiple option using radio button. All the radio inputs should have same name attribute and then only you will be able to select one from many.
As far as this challenge is concerned you need to make two input elements with type as “radio” and name as “indoor-outdoor” for both and both of them should have their own labels with “Indoor” and “Outdoor” being respective names.
Hope it helps.

Sure, Thanks. Now i get it properly. Thanks Again. It means alot

Your label tag is misspelled hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Take your time and red the instructions carefully I find that the simplest answer is usually the right one if you over think it you miss whats right in front of you.