Exception to CSS | Please help

The company I’m helping create a website for wanted the links to be underlined so people can see them better. The problem is now the titles in the sliders are underlined as well. How would I create an exception for them? www.akneadedvacation.com

You would create an exception by targeting them with more specific selectors. For example, you could give all links underlining by default using the ‘a’ selector and then you could remove the underline on the links in your menu by using the ‘.slide-left a’ selector.

It is good that this company is concerned about making links more visible because that is definitely an accessibility issue. As of right now, this site is riddled with accessibility issues. Hopefully they are interested in fixing all of them.

Thanks! I was able to figure it out.

Can you point out some more of the accessibility issues? Much appreciated.

Add some accessibility checkers to your browser and run them on the site (such as Axe and Wave). They will catch the obvious ones for you. Then try going through the site with your keyboard only. For example, just start hitting the tab key to go through all the links. Try opening the slide menu. You will see rather quickly that the site is pretty much unusable by keyboard. Using FF, go to the View -> Zoom menu and activate ‘Zoom text only’. Hold down Ctrl and scroll your middle mouse wheel to make the font bigger and watch things start to break (make sure to try the slide menu or the round images that flip over when you hover over them). You can’t assume what font size people will be viewing the site with and thus it should be able to handle at least a 200% increase. There are color contrast errors with much of the content.

I’m going to stop there.

Thanks so much for your help. I will look into all of these issues.