Exercice Array Method

This is the exercice "
Using the methods you have learned, modify the xMen array already declared in the editor so that only members of the X-Men are present.

Then add all of the mutants present in the xMen array to the freelancers array."

My code:

var xMen = ['Professor X', 'Cyclops', 'Beast', 'Iron-Man', 'Hobgoblin'];
var freelancers = ['Legion', 'Magneto'];

xMen.pop ();
xMen.pop ();

for (var i = 0; i < xMen.lenght; i++)
console.log (freelancers); 

And im getting this error
“The for loop should iterate until the value stored in i reaches the length of the array”

And thats was the error… Thank you.

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