EXERCISE INCOMPLETE: Create Texture by Adding a Subtle Pattern as a Background Image

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This exercise should be more thorough in explaining how a url() works. The example text should explain that quotation marks are needed inside of the parenthesis for the function to work.

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  body {
    background: url("https://i.imgur.com/MJAkxbh.png");

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Hey kyotobob,
Your code is correct. Reset all code and try again.

This is a suggestion for clarifying the process for completing the exercise, as it lacks a proper example on how to use the background: url();. No example code is provided to show that quotations should be used inside the parenthesis. A simple sentence should do the trick.

Sorry, obviously my brain is shutting down, it has been a long day. :slight_smile:

@kyotobob Did you create a GitHub issue in the learn. freecodecamp.org repo? Or, even better, you can make the change and create a pull request. :sunny:

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