Exercise Tracker feedback

Hello to everyone,
I finished the fourth API project, the Exercise tracker, and I want some feedback.

Git: https://github.com/Armandilho/API--Exercise-Tracker
API: https://warm-bayou-72727.herokuapp.com/

Thanks in advance!!

Hey @Armandilho,

Nice work on finishing the project. I had a quick look at the code only and overall looks good. I especially liked the async/await use. Also the handling of date formats looks pretty solid.

I took a slightly different approach with the project and spent a bit of time thinking about how to split the code and structure for readability (separating into routes, models, controllers etc.). I’ve put a link to my code below in case you wanted to take a look.

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Nice Work jamesfmac, I will try this split approach in my next projects. thanks for the feedback, I looked to your code and looks pretty well-written congratulations.