Exercise tracker log book

I am having some difficulty with the challenges pertaining to returning logs. I know i am way off on using query dates for the very last challenge (im really bad with JavaScript dates) but i cant figure out why the other log tests aren’t passing. They seem to be returning what the challenges are asking.

here is my repl


i was just looking at some of the errors and i think it has to do with the dates. I just had to spend 5 days trying to figure out the problem with my dates with my timestamp challenege and needed help to finish.

am i on the right track?

Even though it’s passing the POST exercise test, that’s where the problem is as the later tests usually don’t set the date. Log the inputs to the POST exercise route and you should see the problem.

Right now there’s a lot of error output but if you scroll through it there’s a bit about the date not being defined for your new exercise and mongoose is throwing errors since the document won’t validate without a date.

i passed this . thank you and everyone else that helped.

this chapter has been my favorite. I am really interested in the backend parts of programming. When i sign on and look at my projects, i cant believe that i wrote them. When i started in December, i could only use Word and was very new to Excel. Now i know multiple languages and libraries. Cant express my gratitude enough for everyone that has helped and donated their time to help new people like me