Exercise Tracker Test has exactly same response but not passing the test

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Hi, I am attempting to do the exercise tracker test and my response check after adding an exercise is not passing in FCC. I have the exact same output as the one given in their app.

This is the response from my app after adding an exercise for a user.

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solution: https://exercise-tracker-portfolio.herokuapp.com/

My Code:

const personSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
  username: {type:String, unique: true}
const User = mongoose.model('User',personSchema);

const exerciseSchema = new mongoose.Schema({userId:String, description: String, duration: Number, date: Date})
const Exercise = mongoose.model('Exercise',exerciseSchema)

  let{userId,description,duration,date} = req.body;
  date = date?date: Date.now();
  User.findById(userId, (err,data)=>{
      res.send("Unknown userId")
      const user = data.username
      const newExercise = new Exercise({userId, description, duration, date})
                  "date": new Date(date).toDateString(),
                  "duration": Number(req.body.duration),
                  "description":description })

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Challenge: Exercise Tracker

Link to the challenge:

Any help on this topic will be highly appreciated. My Atlas connection is working fine as the users are getting stored and the exercise is being added. Thanks in advance

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I`m having the exact same issues

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