Exercise Tracker: Unable to pass sixth user case

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I can’t pass the sixth, despite my response’s Json is structurally the same as any response from the sample URL API call GET /api/exercise/log?{userId}[&from][&to][&limit=int]. Where the user is required and the rest of parameters are optional.

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For example: https://sharkantropo-servicetracker.glitch.me/api/exercise/log?userId=5f28a5601126e2175cc4657b&from=2010-1-13&to=2020&limit=6
Will return as response the next JSON

{"_id":"5f28a5601126e2175cc4657b","username":"Marko","from":"Wed Jan 13 2010","to":"Wed Jan 01 2020","count":6,"log":[{"description":"Work Out shouldes","duration":45,"date":"Mon Nov 15 2010"},{"description":"Work Out back","duration":45,"date":"Sat Nov 13 2010"},{"description":"Work Out legs","duration":45,"date":"Sat Nov 06 2010"},{"description":"Work Out triceps","duration":45,"date":"Tue Oct 05 2010"},{"description":"Work Out biceps","duration":45,"date":"Tue Sep 14 2010"},{"description":"Work Out legs","duration":45,"date":"Wed Sep 08 2010"}]}

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Challenge: Exercise Tracker

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Hello there,

I will refer you to this thread:

I walk through the test’s expectations.

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Thanks. Following up the last test’s code I found the culprit that is not allowing me to pass. Now I’ll go and fix my code.