Exiting git(master) shell

I just got done w/ a project but forgot how to get out of git(master) in the terminal. I’m using oh my zsh. Does anyone know how or have a hint to exiting git(master) shell? Thanks!

I use OMZ too, but I don’t know what you mean…

Is yours configured to show you what branch your current directory is on? Because that never goes away when you are in a directory with a relevant .git file associated with it.

If you mean something else, could you provide a screenshot or explain a bit more what you mean by git(master)?

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ok, I think what I get you’re saying. So I can’t leave the master branch but switch to different master branches?

Yes, and if you go to a non git directory, there’ll be no git master message.

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Thanks! Definitely appreciate the response!

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Can it work like this

git rm .git

Yes, but that just destroys your git folder, so unless it’s been pushed up somewhere all your history will vanish. All the master is saying is what branch you’re on, there’s no issue with it being there and no reason to remove git