Expandable way to make elements stick after a certain point using jQuery

How can i make elements stick after a certain point in jQuery but i can do it with multiple different elements at multiple different lengths from top?

Every function i see only works for one item, and i have no idea how to expand upon it since i can find little explanation on why the code works.

Can this function not be hard coded for one element, and instead take in the element (id) as a parameter and find its position?

Hopefully i am making sense.

Did you ask this same question a little while ago on StackOverflow? I saw it over there, and didn’t really understand that one.

What do you mean by “stick”?

And if you have a function that does what you want for a single item, what’s to keep you from simply calling that function within a loop (for example, using jQuery, if you have an array of elements to add, you could do:

let myExistingEl = $("#myExistingEl");
arrayOfElementsToAdd.each(function(element, index){
  // This would be where you could use your custom function, on every element

That would take however many elements you have in the arrayOfElementsToAdd, and insert them after the given el. Of course, given the way I wrote that, they’ll insert in reverse order…

To stick means it sticks to the top of the page and goes down with the user. Not to be confused with a a nav bar, when you scroll past the element on the html it sticks to the top f the page.

Exmaple code -->https://stackoverflow.com/a/26664059/10448256

I would like the basis of that code in a function that takes the element ID as a parameter so i can call it with multiple items. I would also like to know why is works.

Yes that was me, but i did a poor job explaining myself. Wow what a coincidence.

Are you looking to have the elements cascade, so you can stick them in a column or something? I’d simply stick a column div, then append the elements into that. Give the container a fixed position, and the ones you want to stick in there relative positioning.

I’m just trying to figure out how to stick elements to the top of the screen when i scroll past them on the html. Their is already code to do that.

I am looking for how i can do that same thing, but instead he function behind it takes the elements id as a parameter, and make it stick to the top of the screen when i scroll past it.

I don’t want to copy and paste the same function twice for two different items, i instead want a general function that i can just call.