explain the conditions of the problem

Guys, help me solve the problem using pure functions. I do not understand the conditions of the problem. And explain in more detail.

There is a special kind of apple tree that grows apples every day for n days. On the ith day, the tree grows apples[i] apples that will rot after days[i] days, that is on day i + days[i] the apples will be rotten and cannot be eaten. On some days, the apple tree does not grow any apples, which are denoted by apples[i] == 0 and days[i] == 0 .

You decided to eat at most one apple a day (to keep the doctors away). Note that you can keep eating after the first n days.

Given two integer arrays days and apples of length n , return the maximum number of apples you can eat.

Example 1:

Input: apples = [1,2,3,5,2], days = [3,2,1,4,2] Output: 7 Explanation: You can eat 7 apples: - On the first day, you eat an apple that grew on the first day. - On the second day, you eat an apple that grew on the second day. - On the third day, you eat an apple that grew on the second day. After this day, the apples that grew on the third day rot. - On the fourth to the seventh days, you eat apples that grew on the fourth day.

Example 2:

Input: apples = [3,0,0,0,0,2], days = [3,0,0,0,0,2] Output: 5 Explanation: You can eat 5 apples: - On the first to the third day you eat apples that grew on the first day. - Do nothing on the fouth and fifth days. - On the sixth and seventh days you eat apples that grew on the sixth day.

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What do you mean with “condition”?

To solve this problem, you simply have to ask yourself, what you would do in this situation.
Imagine you got apples which will rot after a certain amount of time. You want to eat as many as possible, but only one per day. How would you decide which apple to eat? What happens with the apples you didn’t eat?

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