I’m working on some of the React lessons and they’re explained poorly. @freeCodeCamp, please invest in your wording.

This is what’s known as ‘nonactionable feedback’. Without more details, it’s hard for us to take action towards your complaint.

What parts are confusing you? Do you have specific ideas for improvement? Etc

Idk if you work for freecodecamp or not. But if they see this, here it is.

-Look through every single lesson
-If lesson cannot be explained to a 5 year old, make it simpler
-Use common everyday words

That’s still not actionable feedback. 5 year old children can’t, as a general rule, use Javascript. We have to use technical terms when talking about an advanced topic. If we don’t use the correct terms, our explanations will be wrong.

I get that you are frustrated, but this really doesn’t give us much to work with to fix the source of your frustration.

I’d also like to chime in and say that freeCodeCamp is entirely open source - if you have ideas for how the curriculum can be improved, you are always welcome to contribute to the lessons :grin:


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