Express server not reachable

I’m trying to send a post request to the server, but it fails to connect after a long delay. The server is running fine but the response is not sent, or the server is not reached. Please help me with this.

Thanks in advance.
PS: Please redirect me to the post if this question has been already resolved.

Hi there ,
can you provide as with name/type of the server and the backend web service API

I’m using node and express

  1. In postman go to setting --> proxy
  2. And off Global Proxy Configuration
  3. on the Use System Proxy

I can’t find the option in the app.

you are always using the system proxy.
Does making request via curl work ?

I haven’t used it before but I will now. Thanks

same issue resolved on github
postmanlabs / postman-app-support

Thank you so much. I’ll check it out

Thank you for the link. It was a rookie mistake. The express.json was a method and I forgot to append the paranthesis . Thanks again

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you are welcome Shernz