Express vs Fastify

I see tons of new project who start with Express.js even though Fastify is much better why is that in the beginner world the case? Is it because the YouTube algo has so manny videos on Express in the first search results?

I used both heavily and I just can’t understand why anyone would pick express over fastify for new projects?

What do you mean by “better”?

Express has been around for a long time, lots of people use it and there are tons of resources. It’s very simple [as these things go] and it’s very well understood.

It works fine, that’s the issue: there’s no real pressing need to replace it. It’s already far more widely used than any other framework in existing systems, and there’s no real point doing work to replace Express with a different Node framework in those situations. For new projects, it’s had almost a decade of use in production, so it’s battle-tested. So that leads to it being used as default, which means more articles and tutorials and resources vs. other frameworks.

There are many Node web frameworks, yet Express is still the most common by a great distance because of the above reasons (the author of Express wrote a successor to it, Koa, and that is still barely used compared to Express).

Fastify [despite the awful name] may well end up becoming a standard instead of Express in the future. But it’s very new in comparison and there just isn’t the same ecosystem around it. And it’s backend, where there’s no requirement to use JS: IRL there’s the choice of any language

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The name is horrible I agree, just wanted to motivate some people to take a look and try it.