Extend Constructors to Receive Arguments Color is not defined

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When I run the test on this challenge the console reads back “color is not defined” I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong. Thanks for your help!

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function Dog() {
 this.name = name;
 this.color = color;
 this.numLegs = 4; 
let terrier = new Dog("Ralph","black");

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The function should take two parameters (name, color). Currently you do pass these values to new Dog, but your function is not set up take these parameters.


function test(param1, param2){
   console.log(param1);  // logs "first"
   console.log(param3);  // throws an error, because param3 is not in parameter list

test("first", "second");

Thanks Ben. That solved my problem. It was a silly error.

But out of curiosity how come “name” didn’t throw an error but “color” did?

Not sure, but I would guess that the name variable is used somewhere inside the testing or global scope.

right on. thanks again!