Extent of CSS knowledge needed

Hi there.
I am new to Wordpress. I had really liked to know the extent of CSS knowledge I need to make my website look good?
I have just the basic knowledge regarding the same.

I’d have to say “good” is relative to each person. What sites do you visit that you think are good?

I am supposed to work on this website:
What codes of CSS shall I look forward to?

When you say “work on it”, what do you mean exactly? What are you expected to change? To take a look at the CSS (albeit most of it has been minified), view the page source. I’m on a macbook pro at the moment, so I don’t know if you right or left click the page to get the view page source. Look for these links and click on any of them. They’ll take you to the CSS.

Your stated goals are a little fuzzy so it is hard to give a definitive answer.

* {

If you had a specific change in mind someone on the forum might have just the answer you need.

There are books and online resources all about customizing (or even building from scratch) Wordpress themes. Note that some are outdated so check that you are learning about a current version (your version) of WP.

The proactive approach would be to study to become familiar with theme creation and then confidently update the site.

If you were just tweaking a few things here and there it might be sufficient to find a resource to help you make the changes and then test thoroughly that you didn’t break anything else. Since you’re dealing with payment and downloads that would include making sure you didn’t break security.

That said, Wordpress templates are tools made by people who know a lot about web development to be used by folks that don’t know a lot about web development. You seem a little unsure of your abilities. You’ll have to ask yourself some questions. Would you be better served by just purchasing a new template? Paying a professional (maybe even the developer that created that template)? What is your timeline and what are the consequences of mistakes?

Good luck!

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You can see the css of the page and try to understand it, if you dont understand something you just google it. At the end of the day if you can understand the CSS code of that page 100%, then you are good to go. After all you just wanted something to look good like that.

thanks. I will be working accordingly.

I didn’t know I can make my sites looking good by one line of code only… Thank you!