Extra blank space on the bottom while resizing

Hello everyone I recently finished my second project on responsive cert and I actually have lots of problems with the responsiveness and on this project when you resize the height from bottom at a certain point it will only add blank space. this is the project link: https://codepen.io/Hamed_hk/pen/qBmVpBg
how can I fix that? thanks in advance.

Add more content? Seriously, from what I can tell everything is working fine, you just don’t have that much content and thus making the browser taller than the amount of content just adds blank space.

One suggestion I do have is to not make the font size so small on narrower view ports. If you want to shrink it a little, fine, but I wouldn’t go past 0.8rem or so. At very narrow view ports you have it set to 0.5rem and it is basically unreadable unless I manually increase the font size.

Yeah it seems it worked thank you.

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