Extra learning material to go beyond "Introduction" lessons

I’ve been coding on this website for a while but just realized that a lot of the modules have “introduction” in the name. I can easily find more stuff to learn HTML and CSS with but I am at a loss for places to expand my skill set when it comes to, for example, Bootstrap, Sass, React, Redux… Basically everything after the Javascript module seems very important for full stack development but has only a few challenges to complete.

To put this question plainly, I know w3schools is a great place to learn and reference HTML, CSS etc. but where can I find documentation, tutorials, version updates on the rest of the stuff down the line? (after Javascript module)

My favorite for free youtube vids. Covers all kinds of webdev technologies, no hype, comprehensive, detailed, and all 650+ vids done by one guy.

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I completely understand your feeling. I had a similar feeling when I did part of the curriculum few years ago.
Here are some of the resources I’m currently using (most of them are in Udemy and are not free but they do regular discounts ~ 10$ per course).

  • To dig into how javascript works (ES5 mainly) I really loved this course Javascript the weird parts (not free)
  • Courses by Max on Udemy just excellent to go deep on how it works with a lot of practice. (some free content on the academind website) The content is very rich on front end frameworks but also courses on Node and MongoDB.
  • If you want to improve on the web design and advanced CSS you have Courses by Jonas on Udemy as well. Really good to speed up learning advanced CSS
  • I also used Level up tutorials for meteor few years back but it did not work for me. However the content is really good and well explained.
  • A friend of mine used the Coursera course on full stack and liked it a lot.

Sorry for beeing an Udemy addict but I think that the courses I highlight are worth the money (discouted price not the initial price tag).

Otherwize I agree with @karlWenninger on Traversy Media. It’s very good and free

One of the things I found helpful was to use all the things I had been introduced to in later lessons. You certainly don’t have have to but it helps you learn and find out how do things. For example:

For the html projects I built one in css grid, another in bootstrap, and another with straight flex. I then switched on an off until I understood what I was doing and chose the one liked best…I chose bootstrap, now I do all projects with bootstrap even if it’s not a requirement, but I learn a lot more.

With Javascript, I went back and redid all the challenges with arrow functions where I could so I could understand them.

Outside stuff helps as well. I personally like Stackskills. I can get many of the course at a pay what you want rate. I’m doing a react project course while I complete react here.

I also recommend codewars, you can get a lot of practice this way.

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