Extract-state-logic-to-redux - Instructions

Link to the challenge (Redux)


This is more of a critique of the instructions for this challenge.

Usually, I am more than pleased with the clarity of instructions, but this time I didn’t have a clue what I was asked to do. I understand that if I was a professional coder I would know what to do, but as I am just a beginner it feels too much to expect that I could’ve solved this challenge without looking at the solution.

What do you think? Should the instructions for this particular challenge be more specific?


The issue with Redux is that it doesn’t quite make sense at first, it often seems a bit pointless until it clicks. It has to start with what seem like very abstract instructions to create this overly complicated thing, but it will make sense

I think it’s important to fight through the Redux stuff quite fast (ask here when you’re stuck and as a last resort see how it’s been solved). Then see if it starts to all click together – FCC tries to break it down into very small steps, but it’ll help a lot seeing big picture.

You are basically getting rid of state, moving it into a single object outside of React (this is what createStore is creating for you). Then to update it, you need to send a message to that object (the thing you create using createStore gives you a function called dispatch to do this, and a function called getState to see what the object looks like at any one time)


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