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let extractStr = "Extract the word 'coding' from this string.";
let codingRegex = extractStr.match(/coding/); // Change this line
let result = codingRegex; // Change this line

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Challenge: Extract Matches

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It might not be clear, but they don’t want you to do the match on the second line, just change the pattern.

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but this code would return the correct answer, it is just not in the format that the challenge is asking for, right?

Yes, you are combining two steps into one, so you are technically doing what they want but not how they want you to do it.

Also, with your version, the last line

let result = codingRegex;

is really pointless and unnecessary. If you wanted the result of the match to be in the variable result then you would just do

let result = extractStr.match(/coding/);
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