Eyes Without A Face tribute page / feedback request

Hi, I’m new here and just got my tribute page to a reasonable(?) point. Any critique is welcome and appreciated. This tribute skirts the rules I suppose, now that I see everyone did a tribute to humans. Oh, well.

I did mine on a film I saw not too long ago at a film series at the Yerba Buena Center in SF. Both are worth your time if you like those sorts of things.

Anyhow, thanks for the feedback. I’d be happy to repay the favor if I were any good at this yet.

Not everyone. :grin:


Oh man! This pizza one makes me wish I had done a food theme. Or that I had some pizza right now.

haha. I know what you mean. When I posted that my mouth started to water. That pizza looks great doesn’t it? And I’m in Japan. Lots of great foods here but pizza ain’t one of them. So now I’m dying a little inside.