Facebook is relicensing React

Hopefully, this will assuage any and all anxiety you all have had about making projects with React.


Unfortunately my anxieties stem from my continuing brain farts every time I try to think in components.

IP is the least of my worries :blush:


I use React all the time, always with Javascript ES6 classes, but not with React components or JSX. It works great and is very powerful. Have a look at this.


I only flicked through that quickly, but it seems you’re writing React without the React babel preset, so instead of automatically compiled JSX, you’re working with the core React API a little more directly.

Is that right?

If so…why? Seems like a lot of extra typing and potential for bugs this way.

  • There is <= typing
  • One can use pure JS (not mangled for the interpreter)
  • There is no interpreter
  • It allows uninhibited use of ES6 classes

Perhaps you could provide an example in my document which illustrates your objection.

I have no objection to it - I was just curious about why someone would bother to do it this way.

Because it makes it much much easier to do things like this.


In the downloaded code (in browser resources), search for methods getReactElement().

Very awesome news! :rofl: