Facial Recognition System

Hello , Guys
I need help with this exercise.

description :
Obtain an authentic dataset from the internet containing no less than two features and one target.
Self-generated dataset will not be considered for marking.
2. Perform linear regression or binary classification (logistic regression) using Neural Networks on the
obtained data set.
3. Display your results using appropriate plots.

I am a beginner in Python, but I write code in other languages , I will be glad if someone can help me to write the appropriate code , Only these documents can’t help me


Firstly, welcome to the forums.

While we are primarily here to help people with their Free Code Camp progress, we are open to people on other paths, too.

With your current questions, we don’t have enough context to know what you already know or don’t know, so it is impossible to guide you without just telling you the answer (which we won’t do).

It is pretty typical on here for people to share a codepen / repl.it / jsfiddle example of what they have tried so that anyone helping has more of an idea of what help is actually helpful.

Please provide some example of what you’ve tried and I’m sure you’ll get more help.

Happy coding :slight_smile:

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