Facing a probelm

Hello guys,

Hope you’re doing well.
the freecodecamp text editor is not wroking.
Has anybody been facing the same problem for a while.
Is it from my web browser or a glitch ?

Thank you

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Is it completing the sentence ?
like when i type ,example:
the option panel is not showing.(suggesting word completion, in this case it should pop a panel with let,length …)
instead it is not showing anything
and thank you for you reply.

The built in FCC editor doesn’t have an autocomplete function.

What problems are you having? I don’t believe that there are any known issues related to the editor right now.

it used to have though
tried like 2 weeks ago
anyway thanks

People complained about the intellisense a lot, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was turned off.

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Can i turn the intellSense on ?

Not for the online editor. If you use your own editor, you can set it up however you want.

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Thank you very much.

Happy coding!