Facing problem in changing color html

i have an hard time having changing clour in html i put same code as in the hint was given but it didnt accept at all plz help me…

What’s the name of the challenge you have a problem with? Can you also share your code so far (pasting your code here is preferred than posting a screenshot)?

IMG_0456look this isnt running i dont know what is the problem with this …

plzz tell me what is problem in this code im stuck on this step…

You didn’t have to create a new <h2> element. You just need to add the style attribute on the existing one.

can you plz tell me with code written ?

I won’t, because you already got it. Just delete the last line, and add the style attribute on the first <h2> tag.

ok i just solve it now code camp is asking me to join group on facebook …and this doesnt show my city also i mean what i do now i want to learn coding then what now?

Joining a facebook group is entirely optional. You can still continue with the challenges, and you’re free to ask questions on Gitter chat or in the forum.

So what you should do is delete line 5.

Add the attributes in this order

  • <h2

style=“color: red”>

It should look like this