Facing "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '!' 0.chunk.js:68206" error while running react app

We have implemented the PWA for our project Using MRN (MongoDB, React.js, Node.js). While running the app i getting this error…

Do you have any code/link to the project?

I think this is telling you that there is a syntax error in your JS code (Unexpected token ‘!’). If you are using a decent code editor it should help you find where it is.

Chances are a genuine syntax error would have been caught in the compilation process, since that js file is certainly not hand-written. Try enabling source maps so you can peek at the offending code in the browser.

What are you using to build this app? Is it create-react-app, something else?

I used create-react-app to build this app. as you said this error is syntax error but this error is occurred in the js file that is not handwritten.

As you said How to enable source maps which will peek offending code in the browser…?

Googling around suggests CRA generates the source maps for you out of the box. You should just be able to click on the error in the browser console and see the line with the problem.