Failed:package.json should have a valid "author" key

Hi everyone! I promise this error is unique, cause all the forum posts related to this error are that they are not using the live app URL.

My project is hosted here: boilerplate-npm (1) - Replit

And my solution link is:

Thank you in advance for your help,
Elohim Campo

The link to the lesson is:

It is one of the odd Replit issues with SSL. You can try forking your project and see if it helps or restart with a new fork and see if that works.

When you get SSL errors you can usually get to a working page by using the iframe URL. If you inspect the preview (not the full page) and look at the iframe it has a URL you can copy and use.

I forked 3 times and the live app URL didn’t pass the test. How can I find and copy the iframe URL? All I find on the internet is javascript code but I actually want to copy the iframe URL.

You should be able to use the URL I posted. It is from your project.

It depends on the preview. The one you get from the editor preview looks like this.

And you have to remove the end part /__replco/devtools_wrapper.html

The iframe you get when looking at the preview of someone’s project

I switched to Glitch and it’s working perfectly. Thank you anyway.