Failing all 6 tests

I’m trying to debug the arithmetic arranger and I’m not understanding why I’m getting so many error codes

def arithmetic_arranger(problems, solved = True):

  line1 = ''
  line2 = ''
  line3 = ''
  line4 = ''

  # number of problem checker
  if len(problems) > 5:
    return "Error, too many problems."

  for z,  problems in enumerate(problems):
    num1, operators, num2 = problems.split()

    #allowed operators
    operators = ['+' , '-']

    if operators is not operators: 
      return "Error, incorrect operators."

    #number checker

    if num1.isdigit() == False or num2.isdigit() == False:
      return "Error, please use numbers."

    #length of number checker
    if len(num1) > 4 or len(num2) > 4:
      return "Error, numbers must be less than four digits."

    if operators == '+':
      return int(num1) + int(num2)
      if operators ==  "-":
        return int(num1) - int(num2)

  num1_len = len(num1)
  num2_len = len(num2)
  space = max(num1_len, num2_len) + 2

  more_space = '    '

#line arrangement
  line1 += num1.rjust(space)
  line2 += operators and num2.rjust(space - 1)
  line3 += "-" * space
  line4 += str().rjust(space)
  if z < len(problems) - 1:
    line1 += more_space
    line2 += more_space
    line3 += more_space
    line4 += more_space
    if solved:
        solution = line1 + '\n' + line2 + '\n' + line3 + '\n' + line4
        solution = line1 + '\n' + line2 + '\n' + line3

    return solution

Using google chrome

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Challenge: Arithmetic Formatter

Link to the challenge:

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if you post the link to your repl, it’s easier to debug

I would start with the error messages, they need to match exactly the required strings, yours seem different.

<redacted multiplayer link>

you still fail all 6 tests, have you done any changes?

I changed the error code messaging and now I’m failing 4.

with that link you are giving permission to anyone that visits your repl to make changes to it, I suggest you provide instead the link you find in the browser url bar

look at your indentation, you have stuff inside an if statement after a return that never execute