Failing Test on #5 Markdown Previewer

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Hope your are all keeping well? I have got all my tests passing up until number 5, now I’m not sure if this is effecting it at all I have my markdown displaying as a placeholder in the editor. The tests are coming back < ```
n.notStrictEqual(e,“undefined”,“#editor value is undefined “),n.notStrictEqual(e,””,"#editor does not contain any text ")


![Screenshot (175)|690x388](upload://4SEMAHRQM7DqxK0N9PH5FMlNYAh.png)

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share that codepen / repl link as well, thanks :slight_smile:

happy learning :slight_smile:

Thank you bappyasif,

I have now rectified that problem, I just set the state to start with as the markdown text and done away with the placeholder. Instead of having my state set " " empty string. Thank you for trying to help I really appreciate it.

Many Thanks,

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