Failing to pass text 7 in my FCC Personal Portfolio project

7. The navbar should contain at least one link that I can click on to navigate to different sections of the page.

Here is my codepen

Hi @Kuhum! The issue has been described below as the user story error. You can read it to understand the issue.
It is asking you to add a link to your page section. Do you remember the following freecodecamp challenge Link to Internal section of page?

If you don’t understand anything let me know. Maybe I’m able to help you out.

Yes I do remember that. And that is what I have done but I still do not understand why am failing the test.

Please take a look at my code

@Kuhum It is saying that at least one navbar link should move the page position when clicked.
I believe this test will be passed when you put some content in your sections. When you click on the navbar link then your page will change position.

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Thank you @emanzulfiqar

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