Farming with coding as a side hustle?

Greetings everyone!


I run farm with my parents. I usually have few hours a day free in the evenings and a LOT of free time from November to February each year. I started teaching myself coding three years ago. Most of that time was drifting around, learning random things from resources I managed to stumble upon with fluctuating discipline.

Starting this year I really started taking this more seriously and currently I have done exercise tracker backend project. I really like coding, I spent most of my free time on it and enjoy the whole learning process a lot.

I was wondering, would it be possible to combine (hehe) my work at a farm with some freelance coding? At this moment, I don’t have any IT background, knowledge about realities of the industry or networks, only work ethic and determination. Thanks in advance for any input!

I think you should look into the articles about freelancing on the FCC blog. You can probably pick up a project or two during the down months, once you get skilled enough.


I don’t see why not. If you have a stable “position” that leaves some free time the only thing stopping you from freelancing during that time is getting gigs.

To get gigs is still a hard ask by itself though. You might be able to undercut those looking for gigs to support them full-time. But you’ll still need the skills, marketing, and determination to get gigs to fill that time.

I agree with above. Look into resources on freelancing, its entirely possible for you but it still is very much a “running your own business” sort of deal that requires a lot of hard work.

Good luck, keep building, keep growing :+1:


Thank you @partum and @bradtaniguchi for input, I appreciate it a lot. I’ll keep working on achieving my goal!

If you can milk cows, you can certainly milk that JS code. :grin:

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