Fashion Inventory algorithm


I’m working on such issue

//You have a fashion catalog, an inventory of items from various high-fashion designers.
// Each designer has a lineup of shoes. Each shoe has a name and a price.
//It looks like this:
var currentInventory = [
    name: 'Brunello Cucinelli',
    shoes: [
      {name: 'tasselled black low-top lace-up', price: 1000},
      {name: 'tasselled green low-top lace-up', price: 1100},
      {name: 'plain beige suede moccasin', price: 950},
      {name: 'plain olive suede moccasin', price: 1050}
    name: 'Gucci',
    shoes: [
      {name: 'red leather laced sneakers', price: 800},
      {name: 'black leather laced sneakers', price: 900}

//Look up all the shoes across all the designers and list them out in a array of array with format:
//[[designer name, shoe name, price], [designer name. shoe name, price], ....]
      [Brunello Cucinelli, tasselled black low-top lace-up, 1000],
      [Brunello Cucinelli, tasselled green low-top lace-up, 1100],

// My solution 
function renderInventory(inventory) {
  var outPutArray = []; =>{
  for(var i = 0; i <; i++){
    outPutArray.push(`${}, ${[i].name}, ${[i].price}`)
  return outPutArray;

var output = renderInventory(currentInventory);

My output of this solution is only single list array
like this

[ 'Brunello Cucinelli, tasselled black low-top lace-up, 1000',
  'Brunello Cucinelli, tasselled green low-top lace-up, 1100',
  'Brunello Cucinelli, plain beige suede moccasin, 950',
  'Brunello Cucinelli, plain olive suede moccasin, 1050',
  'Gucci, red leather laced sneakers, 800',
  'Gucci, black leather laced sneakers, 900' ]

But I need the array of arrays format.
maybe somebody could give some suggestion about it?

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Actually, your current solution is an array containing string elements. One simple way to use your existing solution is to push a literal array with the 3 references you were using in your template literal. Just abandon the whole template literal approach.

An example of how you push an array into another array is as follows:

var outerArr = [];
outerArr.push([1, 2, 3,4]);
outerArr.push([5, 6, 7, 8]);

The above displays the following in the console:

  [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ],
  [ 5, 6, 7, 8 ]

You could actually solve this with reduce and map and avoid the for loop, but I will show you that approach once you solve using your current method.

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