Fashion page tribute!

Hi, I made this website Like a budget Vogue.
What do you think can be done better?
And I spent countless hours on this page form and then making it fashion design themed.


@eggsplice It looks really artsy! I love it! I am so glad that you did not make a boring design like I do with in my web pages. What a breath of fresh air to see a web page like this.


  • The scrolling text at the bottom is not readable due to the super low contrast.
  • The menu links do not work at all.
  • I love the animated GIF.

Keep making more pages like this.

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Thank you for the kind words!
Yes, I will be on it later when updating.
For now, it will just be a part of my portfolio :slightly_smiling_face:
Um yes, the menu is a lot of work mate. For every link, I need a new idea to populate it with,
Like I tried to make a Vogue website as I said so every component is a lot of work :face_with_monocle:

Hi @eggsplice,

Your project looks good. I’d suggest you try to improve your UI/UX design (white space, alignment, color, contrast, etc).

The text on the bottom (footer?) is not visible.

This introductory course can be interesting. Do have a look if you have any spare time.

Happy coding!

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thanks :upside_down_face:

@Bam92 I believe that eggsplice did what eggsplice wanted to do on purpose. You can go for a smooth sleek website design that looks like all the others OR you can go in the other direction by making things exaggerated, outrageous, bold, artsy to make yourself stand out.
I admire the creativity of artistic people, it is not a talent that everyone has. Some people have desire to create art but do not have talent, some have talent but not the know how, some people have the know how to art but not the desire to create. It is nice when those three characteristics come together in the same person.

@eggsplice What will you make next?

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um, :grimacing: I’m really super Bizzy Brandon project was for fun :face_with_monocle:
I’m working on an app with both speeches to text and speech recognition, for a talking potato.
I maybe share it in the future. the website is more an experiment.
I also working on a chart graph app to simulate Bitcoin trading graphs and buy and sell for fun coins. :grimacing:

I like the pop up nav bar on the left. Some poor choices of color contrast and text sizing, some parts also feel too busy to focus on the page. Overall good start but a lot can be done to clean up the page and make it more user friendly.

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