Favorite ruby book?

My favorite book on Ruby ( or any language so far) is Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, tenderly written and illustrated by why the lucky stiff.

Please share your favorite with everyone.

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Hey zcass! I don’t really know ruby, but when I was attempting to learn it, I found Learn ruby the hard way pretty good!

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I’ve heard good things about that book.

Yeah! It’s basically a interactive book with tons of short exercises lol. I think from the get go, they make readers work with the command line too! :smile_cat:

Olsen’s Eloquent Ruby was a good read. I picked up the paper version about a year ago, but there is a Kindle version…

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I don’t hear much about Eloquent Ruby, I hear a lot about Eloquent javascript though.


#Well-Ground Rubyist and Pickaxe
will give you the background you need to grow you skill with ruby and rails

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