FCC 25+5 Clock React Project

Hey all,

Please find my 25+5 clock below,

Any feedback is welcomed! Im still exploring design ideas but the functionality and layout is pretty much where I want it.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Project link - React 25+5 Clock

Github link - GitHub - rturner1989/FCC-25-5-Clock-React

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Looks good @rturner89.

I agree, there could be a little more work done with design rather than just black and white but since I’m not good with design myself I’ll let you explore that as you move forward.

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your app works and looks good. If you are looking for some ideas what colors to use for your app, check out https://colorhunt.co/. You can find there various different color palettes of compatible colors, to use on your app.


Thanks for the reply :smiley:

Il check out the link and see what I can come up with!

something a bit more interesting than just black and white.


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