FCC Alumnus - Free 1:1 Mentoring


I’m a Software Engineer at one of the bigger tech companies in London. I taught myself to code almost entirely through the FCC course, you can see when I got my job here - I've accepted a Junior Front End Developer job in London!.

These COVID times are pretty difficult for everyone but, since we are all stuck inside, it’s also the perfect time to learn to code.

If you feel like you would benefit from a consistent mentor to push you along and help you come unstuck, then feel free to reach out. I’m happy to talk about anything from coding to time management and job applications.

DM me on FCC


Hello! Actually, I haven’t found how to DM here.
I would love to learn from you! Right now I’m working on the biggest project in my journey :slight_smile: And I feel like my code quality can be better sometimes. So, if you could review some parts of my code that would be awesome!

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That’s awesome of you to do! For anyone wanting to finally learn to code, now would be the time!

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Thank you so much for helping out people @Pagey.

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Hi. I’m interested. I’ll DM you, and thank you for helping out!

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Sounds interesting, I’ll DM you

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