FCC API to GET particular user's Progress [if user willingly given the username]

Hi, I’m in a need to track some students’ progress with FCC courses. Those students will create the account with FCC and follow the courses, and they will willingly provide me the username, So are there any API facility with FCC to get track those particular users’ progress information?

I think that the open-api effort died off. If your students set the correct privacy settings in their account, you can just look at their profiles (or write a web script to do it automatically). You can also just run your own instance of freeCodeCamp.

If your students are under 13, freeCodeCamp cannot have accounts for them due to privacy laws. If that’s the case they are welcome to use the platform without an account. They will be able to download their completed solutions at the end of every successful challenge. Or you could create a private instance so that no data on children is going to the freeCodeCamp servers.

Thanks, I’ve created a Local Instance and it works fine with development user mode. But I need to make my class students to login and follow. So currently I couldn’t create a local production level instance. Please let me know how to do it, or mention any guides to follow to create it. Appreciate your support. Thanks again.

That’s not something that I have any personal experience with. It would probably be worth sending a shoutout in the Contributors subforum and/or Gitter Room. I know that a few people have done this for schools and prisons over the years, but I don’t know how well the process has been documented.

Good luck!