FCC Certificates

Hi everyone, I have only been with FCC for about three weeks (I was on SoloLearn for about a month) and love it so far. I have completed the first round of projects and got my Responsive Web Design certificate.

My question is this; where do you find the License Number for your certificate?

I can see the certificate but not the license number.

I would be very grateful for any help you could offer.

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I am not aware there is such a number on the certificate.

Yeah I have the same question as you. I cant find any license number for the FCC responsive web design certificate. (Side question) Are there license numbers with SoloLearn?

This is FCC, not SoloLearn.

And I am not aware of any licence number on the FCC certificates: if it is FCC you are taking about, can you please explain exactly what it is you are looking for.

I guess a license number is useful to validate the certificate is real. If that’s all you what the license number for, FCC gives you a link to your certification so anyone can check whether it’s real or fake.


Randelldawson: Thank you for your quick response. I guess I can just use the link address to show that it is real and not faked.

jakethecoder95: Yeah SoloLearn them, but the courses are incredibly easy, and you can redo the test as many times as you want, noting down the right answers. (It is not the same as FCC, where you actually build webpages. But is still good as a learning tool for the basics.)

DanCouper: I know that showing experience/ a portfolio is much more weightier than any certificate (especially from a free course), but I was just trying to bulk up my LinkedIn profile and thought I would add the FCC Certificate.
It asked for a license number which prompted this question.

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SpaniardDev: I was thinking the same thing after noticing that the certificates don’t appear to have a number.

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