FCC Certification Validity

Will companies take these certifications seriously?
Has anyone here been hired because of their FCC Certifications?
I love the practice regardless, but I’m just curious as to what companies want when hiring for programming jobs.

I used my certifications to create a portfolio page that got me into my first choice college. I put the certifications on my resume along with my webpage.


@michaelnicol that page is really sharp!

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Thank you.

It is all about research and trying to figure out the best designs, and then trying to figure out how to program those designs. On my page near the bottom is a web series I made showing how I built it.

Everything with HTML and CSS is boxes and frameworks. A navigation bar is just a bunch of boxes with inline text inside of them. Then you use flexbox to put it in a row responsively and then style it to look nice.

HTML/ CSS is a art with colors and images. I sometimes do project review on these forums, and the biggest issues are non-responsive pages and sub-par color choices.

To answer the question directly, no. FCC is an independent non-profit website, not an accredited institution like a college or university. Consider FCC as a learning guide and roadmap that you can use, and consider the certificates to be measurements of your progress more than anything else.

In general, companies want to see that you have work experience. And if you don’t have work experience, they want to see that you have either education (in the form of a college degree) or the ability to code (through projects).

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I would hire you lol.

Thank you for clarifying. That’s exactly what I figured.

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