FCC Challenge PortFolio need help

i would like some help with my Portfolio. Here what i’m looking for (most important):

my codepen:
https://codepen.io/pocahontas123/pen/ LevQje

my jsfiddle:

my git:

First, i want the text from my nav (#menuNav) behing in two line with one big numbers and the them under but i don’t know how to do it.

Secondly, about my #linkProject. They don’t show fully and i don’t really know why. I just want the exact same thing but with the full image. The full image is this: https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2018/04/2/1516741598-miniature1.png .

Here what i have:

I used part of this tutorial code:

Then i’m open to everything. The color are not here to last normaly. It will greetly depend of my motivation.
I’m not good with design because i never really learned it. But some time i use “flat design color” and “chromatic color css” to help me out :confused:

Thx every body !

ps: If you can check out my first topic about the burger menu i don’t know how to work out:

for second problem try
grid-auto-rows: 190px;
in #linkProject.
Play with this value :wink:

you can use “grid-auto-rows: auto;” too


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