FCC data gone after logging in

Guys i just logged into my FCC account and all my data is gone…i’m freaking out here…is anyone else having this issue?

What do you mean “all [your] data is gone”? Which data? When you go to your profile, is it the same profile or is it possible that you accidentally created a second account?

Mine is still working fine. Have you tried logging out and logging back in again? lol.

all the data for the projects/questions. I checked my profile and all my stats are gone and my account was set to private.

…I updated my email via GitHub…could that have effected it?

tried that a few times, already

If you changed your email on github, and then used github to sign in to FCC, that might be your problem.

yea i use GitHub to sign in…dammit…

To the FCC admins…few questions:

  1. is all lost, or can I just switch back my email?
  2. If you guys have my data linked to my previous email, can you switch it over to my new one?

Yup. freeCodeCamp identifies accounts by email address, so the email address in your settings must match the email address of any other sign-in methods. First, delete this new account that got created via your GitHub login. If you log in using your (old) email address, it should take you to your account. You can then change the email address there to be able to log in with GitHub again.


omg…thank you so much…i have one more project to complete the JavaScript Cert and really wanted to complete it…you just stopped me from jumping out the window( * not really but you know what i mean, lol * )

Step back from the metaphorical window and have a literal cookie. :smiley: Congrats on all your progress. Happy coding!

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Thanks! I’m really enjoying all the experience i’m getting. It’s turned into something I look forward to everyday. :grin:

That’s wonderful to hear!