FCC Design Poll - Should the curriculum challenge description and instructions code blocks wrap or have a horizontal scrollbar appear?

This is an informal poll to help us determine which direction we should move with a very specific feature in the curriculum challenges. Currently, any multi-line code blocks in the Description and Instructions section of the challenge appear in a grey background with red colored text. Ignoring what the colors should be (that is an important but different discussion), we are trying to decide whether the code lines should wrap when they are too long to fit in the frame or if there should be a horizontal scrollbar.

Please help us by voting your preference. I have included a link to the same challenge for both versions. You will need to adjust the width of the left most window frame to see the effects.

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Thanks in advance for your input.

Current version looks better and awesome …

This seems like a user preference, to be honest. How about implementing a code wrap checkbox toggle, or have an option in user settings?

@JacksonBates While that is a great idea for a new feature, at this point we are just trying to validate if we should make this new change (the 2nd option) to appeal to the majority of users. It was changed recently on master to the newer version, but I thought it made sense to poll campers on the forum to get there input before making this a permanent change which would be deployed to production soon. For over 2 years the code has been wrapped (the first option). These changes are strictly modifying the existing CSS and not touching any user preferences at this point. That is something that would be handled in a future UI change which encompasses a whole lot of other changes which are being tossed around right now.