FCC Display issues on 11" iPad

I carry my 11" iPad with me all the time. I no longer take my laptop home from the office, and I want to be able to continue my coding journey and learning while at home on the weekend.

I was just opening up some of the challenges on my ipad. (to be specific I opened up the CSS FlexBox: Align Elements Using the Align-items property) however the screen size of the exersize seems to be too big for my ipad. There are no scroll bars to move side to side, the zoom seems to imply 100%, meaning i can’t zoom out…

So in the exersize i was trying to do it shows both the red and blue box as having the same width, but not on my iPad browser. I even tried a different browser, i tried both the safari browser and the firefox browser. I am really hoping there is a solution to this because I dont want to try and take my laptop home in order to study.!


i sometimes use an ipad as well but I always use Chrome on mine. Is that the browser you are using?

I strongly suggest using Chrome. I don’t use an iPad, but I have an 11" laptop at home that I will try the Flexbox exercises on later to see if it’s the screen size.

No, I only tried Safari and FireFox. I download/install Chrome and try it shortly.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@ArielLeslie and @hbar1st I really appreciate the responses.

I got Chrome on my iPad and went to the same challenge and still had the same problem, see my screenshot below.

In the screenshot you can see that Box-1 and Box-2 should have the same width (200px), However you can clearly see that the red box is waaaay smaller than the blue box.

my issue is like going forward, if i can’t see the whole screen as intended by the challenge then how i am going to sufficiently see the differences and learn it all to the best of my abilities.

Sorry to hear that. Not sure what can be done. Hopefully Ariel may have an idea.

I won’t have access to a smaller device for several hours, but this problem doesn’t occur when I shrink my browser window down. In any case, this would not impact your ability to complete the challenges.

@ArielLeslie I know, it doesn’t happen when I shrink my screen on my laptop either.

and I know it wont affect my ability to pass the challenges, but on some of the stuff I am a visual learner, meaning that without seeing the difference its a little hard to grasp. So i dont want to just fly by it, i want to make sure im really understanding and absorbing the material.

No worries though, if you can check it out later when you have access to your smaller device and let me know if you see what i see or not. :slight_smile:

If you might also try playing with tools like JSBin that are designed around putting a view window side-by-side with a code editor with a lot of flexibility.