Fcc-express-bground Error

Hey. I’m just trying to get going on Repl.it with the Basic Node and Express lessons. There seems to be something wrong with the package. Help?:

Welcome, there.

Would you mind sharing a link to your project code?

Before going to do the steps listed below, are you sure that you should import/require fcc-express-bground instead of
https://www.npmjs.com/package/fcc-express-background in your server.js file?

If that is ok then do what it says in the error:
add to your packages.json @types/fcc-express-bground

If that library does not exist then create the .d.ts file.
Instructions here https://www.typescriptlang.org/docs/handbook/declaration-files/introduction.html

This is required when you are using typescript.

If you are sharing the link to your project, I am going to have a look for you.

I think I just cloned from the lesson link and added a line in myApp.js for Hello World.

Hmm, see my reply to the other thread. Thank you!

I am facing the same problem. Did you solve it?

@devkant Repl.it sucks! At least in terms of compatibility with FCC tutorials. I gave up and cloned projects from Github. Might host on Heroku but will probably just go through the lessons without FCC tests.