FCC Forum Markdown should implement fenced codes [ANSWERED]

I want to suggest that the FCC forum allow the markdown properties of code formatting to be used. For a site teaching code - it’s very difficult to display sample code - implementing the ‘fenced code’ markdown between the three ` indicators at the top and the bottom would allow people to post much clearer and easier to read code and work with indentations. I’m sure discourse allows it as it allows the asterisks to be used for italics bold and bold italics

Not to mention




Etc…and those are much less useful

Code formatting is possible on the forum using He standard Markdown conventions.

Many new users don’t realise immediately.

I’ve tried it - using ` and ``` and neither has formatted correctly. Those are the standard mark down conventions that I know - so what is the standard used here - and is there a user guide?

Three back ticks
Code on new line
Final three back ticks on new line

Or you can use single back ticks for inline code.

function helloWorld() {
  return "Hello, world!";

For some reason single back ticks keep giving me pre formatted text - and little else

Ah well - maybe it’s the mac

There is also a little WYSIWYG code button in the bar above the post editor box. Maybe that will help you out?

Actually - I had tried that already There is no ‘code’ wysiwyg button - left to right on my screen

quote whole post (terrible idea) - bold - italics - link - blockquote - preformatted text - upload - bullet list - numbered list - Heading - horizontal rule - emoticons (which I could do with out in general) - options

I do have a bit of experience with markdown so I tried all the basics before this post

i can not get inline code to work properly…

i have no
    idea why

Those two code examples worked! :slight_smile: