FCC Implementation Suggestion

I’m not sure if this is the right place to put this but I wanted to make a suggestion on something that I just came upon.

I’m doing the first JSON exercise and it uses the JSON method stringify. There is no link or discussion about what stringify actually does. I think it would be nice if you at least provide the MDN or JQuery page link when you introduce a new method to people so we can read about it directly if we want.


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This should be raised at the GitHub issues page. Since it’s a relatively small change and it’s an open source curriculum, they may well suggest you make the proposed change :slight_smile:

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Well - honestly - I think it’s a bigger issue (it was just the first page I noticed it on) i think any page where a new method is used should have a link to its functionality - it happened a few times more on the jQuery stuff I’ve been going through (which quite honestly isn’t as thoroughly explained or as clear as the previous ‘courses’ I’ve been through)

Ok, but check GitHub issues.

The course developers have a lot they are currently working on for a new update in September. These issues may already be on their radar, but if not, you need to raise it there. They typically don’t read the forum super closely.

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