FCC in India-Getting Job

I just want get an idea of how completing FCC curriculum will increase job prospects in India. I see many post from different countries but not from India. So kindly share you thoughts/experiences if any on same.

Also any ideas on how networking and interview process have been done here.

To get an junior level job with just front-end skills like HTML, CSS and more importantly a front-end framework like React or Angular, you can follow the front-end based projects given FCC curriculum. They have will be helpful in the application process. Also, there are jobs in both front-end frameworks.

If you are going full stack, increasing amount of jobs in Node.js with SQL/NoSQL(especially MongoDB) databases are worth looking.

Interview process, as far as I know, generally includes telephonic or a wholesome task related to one’s skills that could be done in a specific time but there is no standard process. It’s all about the preference of the company offering the vacancy. Some do prefer on site.