FCC is logging me out suddenly, in the middle of learning

FCC is logging me out in the middle of learning. Not able to proceed to the next lesson.

Having the same issue - I was in the CSS section when I try to go to https://learn.freecodecamp.org/responsive-web-design/basic-css/use-attribute-selectors-to-style-elements. It keeps logging me out

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Same. On “create-grids-within-grids” step of Responsive Web Design module.

Can log in, but as soon as I try to access the Curriculum menu, I’m logged out and there is a blank screen,.

After deleting all cookies, logging out and logging back in, it works again!

Try deleting cookies. Re-logging in. Worked for me!

This just started happening in the last hour or so. Please be patient.

It seems to be at least partly fixed. I still see the “Sign in” button for a few seconds to a minute when I change pages, but then my avatar replaces it.

I am still having the same problem.