FCC isnt suitable to land a job ın Europa

Most web developers jobs in Europa or the middle east require Golang or Python and C# skills. I think Golang is going to replace JS in the long run.

I am going to swıtch from FCC to the Harvard course in Web Programming with Python and JavaScript. At least they are going to teach Python. C# will be my next language and then maybe C++. The jobs in Europe mostly require knowledge of 3 Programming languages.

Good luck on your journey. If you ever are studying web programming again, we’ll be here for you.

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Many similar concepts apply to each of those languages and I’ve found learning one programming language is not far off from learning the next! What type of position will you be seeking?:vulcan_salute:

UK camper chiming in here. From the experience I’ve had, the stack taught by FCC is absolutely enough to get you a job. I’ve been happily employed at my first dev job for nearly 18 months now, but I still keep like to keep an eye on the local job market- and HTML/CSS/JS show up as the main skills for a lot of the openings.

I can’t speak for Europe as a whole of course, just my local observations.

Best of luck!

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Agree, also from Europe and I see lots of job postings for - mostly - what FCC teaches. Not too much of the full MERN stack, but React is really popular where I live and - of course - so are CSS and HTML.

ok nice info you have